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In 1956, The Ranch was credited with “The finest commercial crop of maize standing in Northern Rhodesia”. This was expected to produce a then record crop of twenty to thirty bags an acre (7 tons/ha.) and a profit of 10,000 pounds!

Today, commercial maize has been supplemented by substantial hectarages of seed maize cultivated under irrigation. Lwimba Ranch continues to supply several thousand tons of commercial maize annually to local millers and export markets. No genetically modified crops are grown and all fields are planted on a no-till or minimum-till basis. Aerial spraying is carried out from Lwimba Ranch’s own registered airfield.

Fulfilling our social responsibility, Lwimba Ranch has invested in a community mill where our neighbouring villagers and employees can bring their own maize and have it ground for them. We also supply top quality breakfast and roller meal at affordable prices.

Understanding the Principle of “Give and Take”, Lwimba Ranch has always been responsible in taking care of its soils. One third to one half of our arable land is rotated annually with soybeans in order to give us a smaller environmental footprint so that Zambia can be protected for future generations. Our protein and oil percentages have been exceptional the last ten years; we welcome enquiries for bulk sales.

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